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Dyeing Service
Dyeing Service
Dyeing Service
Dyeing Service
Dyeing Service

Hul le Kes

Dyeing Service

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We offer you our Hul le Kes Dyeing Service. A service to make sure you will be able to enjoy your favorite item a longer than before. We will dye your favorite shirt, dress, tablecloth or any other item you are so attached to.

Give your favorite old item a Hul le Kes makeover

Loving a particular item means using it a lot. After a while your shirt might get a bit yellow under the armpits, the collar gets a little dirty and washing it won’t help anymore. Maybe someone spilled red wine on the tablecloth you use for special occasions, or the color of your T-shirt is faded out due to a lot of sunny days. With our Dyeing Service you no longer have to throw these items away. You just order a Dyeing Service here and we will give it a unique Hul le Kes make-over.

Because we don’t want to use any bleach, we cannot dye very dark colours.

How does the Dyeing Service work:

  1. you have an item you love, but can not use anymore because of stains, spots or whatsoever*
  2. you order a Dyeing Service via
  3. you will send us your item**
  4. when arrived we will give your item a unique code
  5. we will dye it with the natural ingredients we have available at that time, the way we like***
  6. we will send your item back to you****
  7. you will be surprised with a new look to your favorite item!


You can send us any kind of brand, no matter what age, no matter what kind of item. What does matter is the quality of your item. It should first of all be made of a fabric and it should contain at least 75% natural fibres (like cotton, linen, silk, bamboo, hemp and so on). Dyeing synthetic fibres with natural pigments is just not possible. Although dyeing wool is possible we do not accept wool garments due to the risk of felting or shrinking. 

One Dyeing Service ticket is one item (no matter what size). Do you have more items you would like to get dyed? Then order the quantity of items you would like to get a Dyeing Service. 


Please send us your item(s) to the following address:

Hul le Kes
p/a Arnheim Fashion Group BV
Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 79a
6828 ZN Arnhem, the Netherlands


We only dye with natural dyes. This means we are depending on the season and all nature provides us. We dye it the way we think is nice, it is not possible to tell us the color you would like it to be. Just trust on our designer view on things. How strong the colors will be and how well they will maintain all depends on the quality of the fabric. We cannot be responsible for that, unfortunately.

As we dye with natural ingredients the colors will fade after a while. It is one of the reasons to offer you this Dyeing Service, as you then can order it again and your item will come back in a different dye again.


Within a month after receiving your item it will be dyed, washed and send back to you. Please make sure you will supply us with all your contact information. You will pay the costs of the return when buying a Dyeing Process ticket. Notice we will only charge shipment once per order. Each item will receive a Hul le Kes Dyeing Service Certificate.

Dyeing Service
Dyeing Service
Dyeing Service