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Cocteau Short Sleeve Shirt
Cocteau Short Sleeve Shirt
Cocteau Short Sleeve Shirt
Cocteau Short Sleeve Shirt
Cocteau Short Sleeve Shirt

Hul le Kes

Cocteau Short Sleeve Shirt

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Once a tablecloth, now our Cocteau.
A one-size-fits-all shirt with banded collar and flap pocket. This item is made from a vintage cotton tablecloth. Its dyes are madder, onion and gallnut. Both production and dyeing are done by hand.

The size of this tablecloth allows us to make three pieces

It is limited production like this that we stand for as a brand. We aim to show that there is already so much beauty in what surround us.

Maybe we are limited by using overstock or upcycling, but this is what makes these pieces unique. It creates garments that tell a story.

Like any Hul le Kes garment, this one has its own registration number and will come with a Hul le Kes passport.



Jean Cocteau

This item is named after Jean Cocteau (1889 – 1963), the French poet, writer, artist, filmmaker and designer part of the Parisian avant-garde in the early 20th century. Cocteau was openly gay and widely known for his erotic drawings and mildly homoerotic writings. Sjaak and Sebastiaan are lucky to own one of Jean Cocteau’s original drawings.

This item is dyed naturally. To its unique dyes, you will need to hand-wash this item using luke warm water. We’re against the industry’s use of heavy chemical dyes, which damage the planet and people that come in contact with them. Dyeing naturally means that eventually colours will fade. As a solution we started the Hul le Kes dyeing service, which re-dyes items.

At Hul le Kes we do not want to focus on a particular gender. Therefore, we work with our own size chart. Our sizes range from 1 to 4. When a garment is a one size fits all, it’s sized as A.  The Cocteau shirt is an A and will fit most sizes.


  EU men EU women US men US women
A 46-54 36-46 One size One size
1 ± 46-48 ± 38 S-M M
2 ± 48-50 ± 40 M M-L
3 ± 52 ± 42 L L

*please note all items are 'boyfriend fit' in their size, closure and fit.

When sending us back this garment with its original passport, you will receive a 15% refund to spend on a new Hul le Kes garment.

Cocteau Short Sleeve Shirt
Cocteau Short Sleeve Shirt
Cocteau Short Sleeve Shirt