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Renoir Tablecloth 86 – 150 x 125 cm


All our Renoir Tablecloths, or picnic rugs if you want, are saved by Hul le Kes from destruction or ending up at the huge pile of textile waste. Hul le Kes recycles old tablecloths by giving the old cloth a new natural dye. That makes each and every cloth a one-of-a-kind item to create a special dinner table for your friends or family. This Tablecloth can also be used on your sofa, on your wall or as a bedcover; however you would like it.

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Good thing about this tablecloth: spilling food or drinks has never given such an artistic result. Never worry again about food stains that will never come off. If you want the table cloth to have a new or extra layer of color, just send it to us by ordering a Dyeing Service. That way you can keep on extending its life cycle.

There are quite enough unpleasant things in life without the need to manufacture more
Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Our series of saved tablecloths is named after the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841 – 1919), a French impressionist. Renoir was inspired by the style and subject matter of previous painters Camille Pissarro and Éduard Monet and became widely known for his Parisian sceneries. His famous painting ‘Le Déjeuner de canotiers’ made us decide to name our tablecloths after this artist; as Hul le Kes would like you all to have such nice catherings around these tablecloths.


This tablecloth is made of 100% cotton and comes from one of our partnering recycling companies in the Netherlands or is donated by an individual.

It has been dyed by hand and with organic materials. Dyeing with natural materials in our way makes every item different. Patterns and intensity are beyond our control and all in the hands of nature. 

Please note the colors will eventually fade, this is a natural process which comes from the combination of cotton fabric, natural dyes and influences by nature. We are in the opinion that this natural process is one to love, it is the transience of life. When colors are becoming too faded for your taste we advise you to order a Dyeing Service. This will make sure your tablecloth can start a new lifecycle and be used again.


Wash at 30°C without heavy chemicals or aggressive lotion.

As only natural colors have been used one must be aware that the colors will fade at some point. When this happens is not to be predicted, but by that time you are able to dye it yourself again, or use our Dyeing Service to again extend the lifespan of your garment.

Next to our Dyeing Service we also offer Mending Services, here we can fix all bits of wear that might appear. Both services are there also for all other garments you have in house and are not limited to Hul le Kes garments only.

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