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Kapoor Tunic – Upcycled Cotton – Madder Pink


The Hul le Kes Kapoor Tunic is one of our all time basics. Perfect for all genders and coming in one size (A) only to fit most of you. The small gathering at the sleeves and back are inspired by sculptors’ wear. Each panel of this product is made from a slightly different upcycled bedding to create a personal touch within each garment.

Special offer until October 9, 2022. When ordering this garment you will receive a coupon with a value of € 30 to be spend on one of our services.

One size fits all

The Hul le Kes Kapoor Tunic is a comfortable and oversized garment for every kind of occasion. This garment is made of 100% upcycled cotton bedlinen. At our Manufacturing Studio we search for the best pieces to use for this upcycling process, an intensive but satisfying task. By upcycling old materials we make sure to extend each fabric’s lifecycle to the fullest.

Next to this white version we also offer this upcycled Kapoor Tunic in Acacia Brown, Plant Green, Flowers Yellow and White.

“Artists don’t make objects. Artists make mythologies”
Anish Kapoor

This Tunic is named after the Indian born, British, sculptor Anish Kapoor. Initially studying electrical engineering, Kapoor quit and left for Israel. There he decided to pursue art, he left Israel and attended Hornsey College of Art and Chelsea College of Arts. He’s lived in London ever since. His works are often biomorphic and have grown in scale along the length of his career. In 2013 he received knighthood for his services to visual arts.


This garment is made from old bedding fabrics, after making it has been dyed with our natural dyes. The beddings that are used are made of 100% cotton and collected via our recycling partners or via donations people have made. The garment is dyed with Madder. Madder is a plant of which we use its roots to dye in different shades from light pink to red.

Each panel comes from a different kind of bedding. That makes that the quality may differ and also the color differs on each panel. This makes each garment unique and shows you the beauty of imperfection.

At our Manufacturing Studio we have selected the best parts of these beddings, cleaned it and started the puzzle of combining the remaining parts from several beddings together. In some cases our Recovery Studio will make small repairs to the old material to make sure we can upcycle as much materials as possible.


This garment is offered as a special pre-ordering garment. This means we will give a discount up until the moment we’ll start our production period. In this case this will be on November 1st 2022. Everyone who orders up front will receive a special pre-ordering discount.

Why we do this? To make sure we will have no overproduction, so you can save money. That is a win for our environment, for you and for us. Your garment will be made at our Manufacturing Studio in Arnhem.

Fit & sizing

In the pictures you see Appollo and Roni both wearing the size A Kapoor Tunic. The Kapoor Tunic is made to fit most people, and only comes in our size A. 

Appollo is 185 cm (6.08 ft) tall and often wears a size 48 or 50 and size M to L. Roni is 172 cm (5.7 ft) tall and wears mostly a size 36 and S.

Sizes of the garments shown in the pictures can be found hereunder (see here how these sizes are measured):

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