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Rodin Shirt – Dead-stock Wool – Blue Beige Stripe


The Hul le Kes Rodin Shirt is a comfortable and oversized garment for every kind of occasion. The shirt has been made at our Manufacturing Studio in Arnhem, the Netherlands, under our high sustainable and social standards. One of our missions at Hul le Kes is to only use existing materials, that is why we found this dead-stock high-quality material to make a very small and limited series.

This shirt is limited to only 4 pieces!

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This Rodin Shirt is part of the Hul le Kes classics. It is a perfect shirt for autumn and winter as this one is made of wool. The shirt has a slightly oversized fit. The gathering at the back and sleeves are inspired by centuries old workwear of artists. This particular shirt is made of a 100% Wool striped fabric we have found at a company in Germany.

The more simple we are, the more complete we become
Auguste René Rodin

The shirt bears the name of Parisian sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1917). A traditionally schooled sculptor who approaches his work like a craftsman. One of his most famous works is Le Penseur (The Thinker). A bronze nude male figure sitting on a rock, his chin resting on his hand. Besides Rodin’s sculptures, his personal workwear is a great inspiration when designing Hul le Kes garments.


This garment is made from Blue/Beige striped, oxford weave, dead-stock wool we found at a warehouse in Germany. A beautiful, 100% natural, material of which we bought the final few meters.

Only 4 Rodin Shirts have been made from this material!

Fit & Sizing

In the pictures you see Mohammed, Nadia and Roni all wearing a size 2 Rodin Shirt.

Mohammed is 185 cm (6 ft 08) tall and often wears a size 46 or 48 and size S. Roni is 172 cm (5 ft 7) tall and wears mostly a size 36 and S. Nadia is the same height as Roni and mostly wears a size 38 and M.

Click here to find out more about the Hul le Kes sizing.


Each of Rodin Shirt will get its own unique code and a matching Clothing Passport. Make sure to use the passport to create your personal narrative. Read more about our Hul le Kes Clothing Passport here.

Are you done with this shirt? We are always happy to receive old items back, especially if they are provided with their original passport. Or give the jacket, including its passport, to your beloved friend or family member.

But never forget: do not throw away your Hul le Kes garment, no matter how worn out it is!

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