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Stravinsky Coat – Antique Linen – White


Our characteristic one size fits all Stravinsky coat in Antique Linen. A coat with two big stitched-on pockets with flaps and a chest pocket. On the side there are loops to adjust its waste. A garment bought by people of all different body types and genders. Depending on your body type this coat will be oversized, or for plus-sizes a perfectly fitting coat.

As all Hul le Kes garments also this one is made at our Manufacturing Studio, in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

One size fits all

To continue in one path is to go backward
Igor Stravinsky

This garment is named after the legendary, Russian-born, composer, pianist and conductor Igor Stravinsky (1882 – 1971). He became internationally know through the music he composed for the Ballet Russes one of the pieces he composed is The Rite of Spring. During a short period of time Stravinsky and his family have been staying at Coco Chanel’s home in Paris where he wrote two of his pieces. His avant-gardistic way of working is a great inspiration to us.


This garment is made from 100% antique French linen. All antique linens vary slightly from each other. Some shades are whiter, some darker, some coarser. Some will have embroidered initials on it, others will have beautiful mending.

At our Manufacturing Studio we will do our best to make sure only the good parts of the antique linens are used. In some cases our Recovery Studio will make small repairs to the old material to make sure we can upcycle as much materials as possible.

Fit & sizing

In the pictures you see Zachery and Megan both wearing the one-size fits all (A size) Stravinsky Coat.

Zachery is 190 cm (6 ft 23) tall and often wears a size 50 and size M to L. Megan is 178 cm (5 ft 1) tall and wears mostly a size 38 and M.


Each Stravinsky Coat will get its own unique code and a matching Clothing Passport. Make sure to use the passport to create your personal narrative.

Are you done with the jacket? We are always happy to receive old items back, especially if they are provided with their original passport. Or give the jacket, including its passport, to your beloved friend or family member. But never forget: do not throw away your Hul le Kes garment.

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