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Cremer Jacket – Upcycled Wool – Light Colors


Made to order

After you selected your vintage blanket and placed your order, Hul le Kes will start making your garment. We will try to finish your garment within 4 weeks. 

The upcycled Hul le Kes Cremer Jacket is made from vintage wool blankets. You select one of the blankets we have on stock and we will start making your personal Cremer Jacket. Also available: Dark Color blankets for your Cremer Jacket, or send us your own blanket!

The Hul le Kes Cremer Jacket is a perfect choice for autumn and winter as the wool will keep you well isolated. The collar and bindings are made from dead-stock ribbed fabrics, for each blanket our people at the Manufacturing Studio will find the best matching fabric.

A fully upcycled jacket with two big pockets and the snap button closure on front it is a very easy and comfortable model for every gender. The slightly boxy fit makes it wearable for all different body types. This Jacket comes in a size 0 until 5 (find out more about its sizing below, or via our general size information page).


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“I hate good taste. It’s the worst thing that can happen to a creative person”
Jan Cremer

The Hul le Kes Cremer Jacket is named after Dutch painter and author Jan Cremer (1940). The sight of Cremer’s atelier being notoriously messy puts a smile on Sjaak’s face. Being a bit of a braggy controversial character in Dutch culture, Cremer’s paintings nonetheless fill us with inspiration.


This garment will be made from the vintage blanket you have selected. These vintage blankets are 100% wool and collected via our recycling partners or via donations people have made.

At our Manufacturing Studio we will do our best to make sure only the good parts of the vintage blankets are used. In some cases our Recovery Studio will make small repairs to the old material to make sure we can upcycle as much materials as possible.

How it works

  1. you select your preferred blanket and garment size via
  2. you order your jacket (make sure to provide us with all your contact details during the ordering process)
  3. we will contact you to make sure all is implemented correctly
  4. we will start making your jacket
  5. after ± 4 weeks you can expect your jacket being shipped to you 
  6. you’ll receive your personal, upcycled, jacket

Fit & sizing

In the pictures you see Mees wearing a size 2 Cremer Jacket, Luísa is wearing a size 1 Cremer Jacket. Mees is 185 cm (6.08 ft) tall and often wears a size 48 or 50 and size M to L. Luísa is 179 cm (5.9 ft) tall and wears mostly a size 36 and S.

The Cremer Jacket is designed as a slightly oversized jacket. It comes with extra long sleeves to keep your hands warm during the cold days. In case that is not needed you can easily roll your sleeve up. 

Sizes of the garments shown in the pictures can be found hereunder (see here how these sizes are measured):


Each of these Cremer Jackets will get its own unique code and a matching Clothing Passport. Make sure to use the passport to create your personal narrative.

Are you done with the jacket? We are always happy to receive old items back, especially if they are provided with their original passport. Or give the jacket, including its passport, to your beloved friend or family member. But never forget: do not throw away your Hul le Kes garment.

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