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Allude x Hul le Kes – Scarf – Wool Cashmere


Scarf by Allude x Hul le Kes. This Sweater is made by using deadstock woolen yarns, dyed by us using natural materials. Both brands are committed to achieving a better, more sustainable fashion system.

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Allude and Hul le Kes, two brands that found each other in their shared fight against a wasteful fashion system, present a limited collection as an answer to overproduction and to show alternatives to the current fashion system. Allude and Hul le Kes took leftover woolen yarns that lend themselves perfectly to the Hul le Kes way of natural dyeing. Natural fibers, natural dyes. More about this collaboration you may find here.


This garment is made of 70% Virgin Wool, 30% Cashmere, coming from dead-stock from the industry. Its natural dye comes from a mixture of campeche wood, gallnut and walnut.

There are two kinds of shades, a blue and a more purple one.

Because this item is dyed by hand, the colour pattern on each item will uniquely vary.

Bear in mind to wash this garment by hand in cold water. 


This Scarf measures

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