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Hul le Kes Recovery Studio

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The demands of near perfection that our society demands of people and textiles are detrimental to its surroundings.

In fashion it is a system that creates waste, overproduction and pollution. In people it is a cause for social exclusion, feelings of inadequacy, burnouts and depression.

Our Recovery Studio is there for people who need a slower, safer space.

It’s a place that aims to recover people as well as textiles.
A place to develop yourself and get back in contact with other people. It’s our example that it is possible to have a system without competition or exploitation.

Repairing clothing seems to have almost no place in our world today. Whereas it was the norm throughout history, nowadays garments that are faded or have minor damage are discarded. We aim to change that. 

Here, discarded or damaged clothing gets mended, gets dyed with organic waste from local businesses. All in our Arnhem studio.

  • All work is done by hand because of its therapeutic effect on people.
  • There are no chemicals.
  • There are no heavy deadlines.

We don’t just prevent waste, we gain the opportunity to work by hand. Working by hand has been proven to have a positive effect on mental health. The endorphins it produces reduce anxiety and stress. 

The Hul le Kes Recovery Studio is more than so called charity. It is real people working on real garments for real clients. Our recovery studio is responsible for our Dyeing Service, our Mending Service. Our Hul le Kes ReShared collection and any Hul le Kes repairs.

We are under no illusion that we can change this system single handedly, what we can do is show that there is a workable alternative and do our part to help our community.

For our Hul le Kes Recovery Studio we are always looking for haberdasheries and textiles to use. Do you have left overs at home? Please donate them, more information can be found via this link. 



Anyone who thinks this sounds right for them, can apply here. We don’t want to be the judge of you. We think you are the best judge of yourself. The length of your stay, how frequently you’ll be here, are all decided together.