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About Hul le kes

Hul le Kes has been established by Sjaak Hullekes (Zierikzee, NL, 1981) and Sebastiaan Kramer (Heemstede, NL, 1985) and is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Sjaak and Sebastiaan both graduated in 2005 from ArtEZ University for Arts and Design Arnhem, fashion design and have been working together ever since. Hereunder you will find all information about the SPIRIT (background), BODY (making) and SOUL (life cycle and sustainable concept) of the brand.


Hul le Kes is the quirky answer by fashion designer Sjaak Hullekes to the often so superficial looks of social media and the fashion industry. Hul le Kes’ starting point: it’s not the perfection but the imperfection which makes clothes interesting and characterful.

Quietness and escaping from daily routines are basic principles of Sjaak Hullekes’ work. He spent his childhood in the environment of an island in the Netherlands. The quiet and peaceful setting in which he grew up are the main inspiration to his new designs and concepts.

Sjaak Hullekes gets his inspiration from artists, country life and artisans’ workwear. Every now and then new items will be part of the Hul le Kes collection. All garments are designed to be comfortable and practical with an eye for detail, shape, fabric and color. Hul le Kes garments are made to become even more beautiful by wearing them. By the time the wearer thinks the garment could use a new life the item can be returned to the Hul le Kes atelier. Items, or parts of it, will be reused and made into new garments. It is the start of a never ending life cycle, a life cycle full of stories, changes and character.


A beautiful product is one made with love and attention. That is one of the reasons every item within the Hul le Kes collection is only made in a small quantity. No mass production, but piece by piece and by hand. On the outskirt of Arnhem, in an former sawmill building, each Hul le Kes item is made by a small team of craftsman at Studio RYN. The use of small leftover, overstock and antique fabrics are another reason why all items only come in small numbers. The way a Hul le Kes item is made makes every item unique.

Not only the clothing itself but also the packaging is made of leftovers. The carton used for the Hul le Kes boxes and the paper used in the passports where otherwise thrown away. Brown Cartonnages in Arnhem uses these leftovers to make each passport and each box by hand. After they are made they get their Hul le Kes marks and passports are personalised to go with a particular item.

By making all of our products in small qualities and in a good environment in the Netherlands Hul le Kes takes its part in a more sustainable world. The use of leftovers and antique materials help by reducing the textile waste where the world has to deal with nowadays. Together with the consumers Hul le Kes creates an extended life cycle for each item which makes it even more beautiful and takes care of more awareness in our way of consuming.


Every garment of the regular Hul le Kes collection has its own passport with information about the materials, the garment and its makers. By doing so Hul le Kes provides more insight in the way it was made and gives the item a start for its life cycle. A Hul le Kes item develops itself in cooperation with its wearer and all other people involved in its making into an item with history. A garment with its own unique soul. Because every new wearer writes his/her memories and stories on the garment down in the passport over and over again the passport will show the history of each garment. With this history wear, rips and holes will become the marks of history and directly to be linked to one specific occasion.

By the time the wearer gets bored of his/her item and wants something new the Hul le Kes garment can be send back. When all arrives in Arnhem the former wearer will get 15% refund on his Hul le Kes account to be used for new purchases. Meanwhile at the atelier in Arnhem the Hul le Kes team will renew the item and takes care of his wear using the WabiSabi principles and repair the garment or use its materials for new designs. The (new) product will enter the market again, including its old passport and packaging to continue its life cycle at its new owner. It is the way Hul le Kes believes people will love the marks of history on garments again and will give more love back to the products we wear.

Hul le Kes ReShared items and all other items not mentioning the passport in its description do not have a passport. There is also no refund on these kind of items. Of course we are willing to take these items back to give them a new life. You may also order a Hul le Kes Dyeing Service for your item to give it its color back again, later on we will also start offering a Hul le Kes Mending Service.


Hul le Kes is a brand by Arnheim Fashion Group, a company founded by Sjaak Hullekes and Sebastiaan Kramer specialized in creative concepts, small scale manufacturing and design in the fashion industry.