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Table Cloth 40 - 100 x 90 cm
Table Cloth 40 - 100 x 90 cm
Table Cloth 40 - 100 x 90 cm

Hul le Kes Interior

Table Cloth 40 - 100 x 90 cm

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Hand dyed table cloth

This table cloth, or picnic rug so you want, is fully recycled. Made from old cloth and dyed by hand in our own studio. Each cloth is unique so no identical one will ever be found. Create a special dinner with your friend or family. Good thing about this table cloth: spilling food or drinks have never given such an artistic result, never worry again about food stains that will never come off again. Of course you may also use it to decorate your wall. 

A Hul le Kes piece is a garment made in Arnhem, by hand.
It has been dyed by hand there too, using organic natural dyes and our artistic vision. Dyeing naturally means every item ends up different. Patterns and intensity are beyond our control. This is the joy of working with nature.
Because we refuse to use heavy chemical dyes – colours will eventually fade.
This is a natural process.

- Size: 100 cm x 90 cm

- 100% cotton (recycled)

- Hand dyed and refurbished in Arnhem, The Netherlands

To preserve the colours, hang your garment in a dark, cool place rather than washing it. When you absolutely have to wash, a lukewarm wash by hand is better for your garment’s colours as well as the environment.

If colours fade, don’t worry and see the beauty of this natural process. Our brand is trying to show a different approach to fashion, moving away from modern uniformity and perfectionism. We offer a Hul le Kes Dyeing Service when you want your item to get a new dye.

Table Cloth 40 - 100 x 90 cm