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Pollock Shirt Short Sleeve
Pollock Shirt Short Sleeve
Pollock Shirt Short Sleeve

Hul le Kes

Pollock Shirt Short Sleeve

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Its loose fit, the double buttoned pockets and its grey and white pinstripe fabric give our Pollock shirt a timeless look. The shirt is handmade in our studio in Arnhem, using cotton overstock fabric we found here in Arnhem.

Because we use overstock fabric, we are only able to make 3 of these shirts. No more. We prefer to keep our production-lines to be small in quantity. This has to do with the fact that we work with leftover fabric from other companies. Not only does this make our garments limited, we also do this to fight against the system of overproduction. All three of these shirts have their own registration number and come with a Hul le Kes passport.


"Every good painter paints what he is"

Jackson Pollock

This shirt is named after the American abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). Pollock used liquid household paint and reached the height of his fame in the late 40’s, his ‘drip period’. He painted by pouring and dripping paint on canvas. Peggy Guggenheim even commissioned Pollock to paint a 2,5 by 6 meter mural in her house. Pollock’s unique way of painting in this period is a big inspiration to the way Hul le Kes uses natural dye.

At Hul le Kes we do not want to focus on a particular gender. Therefore, we work with our own size chart. Our sizes range from 0 to 5. When a garment is a one size fits all, it’s sized as A. 

This shirt is available in size 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Corresponding with the sizes below. 


  EU men EU women US men US women
A 46-54 36-46 One size One size
0 ± 46 ± 36-38 XS S
1 ± 46-48 ± 38-40 S M
2 ± 48-50 ± 40-42 M L
3 ± 52 ± 42-44 L XL
4 ± 54 ± 44-46 XL
5 ± 56 ± 46-48 XXL XXXL

*please note all items are 'boyfriend fit' in their size, closure and fit.

Pollock Shirt Short Sleeve