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Hul le Kes ReShared Top 11
Hul le Kes ReShared Top 11
Hul le Kes ReShared Top 11

Hul le Kes ReShared

Hul le Kes ReShared Top 11

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This Polo is part of the Hul le Kes ReShared collection, and dyed with all natural colors.

Only one available. Size L*.

Hul le Kes and the Dutch Salvation Army joined their forces for a better world by creating the Hul le Kes ReShared collection. We have always been clear about our love for vintage and second hand products. The use of antique fabrics and material for the regular Hul le Kes collection represent our passion for transience. For the Hul le Kes ReShared collection we used discarded clothing and dyed it with waste of restaurants.

“We don’t believe in ‘the newest best thing’ and the relentless pace of the fashion industry. Every season a new trend of color is a lie the industry likes consumers to believe in”

We believe everything and everyone deserves a second, third or even fourth chance. To give such a chance to a garment everyone should look beyond the surface to find the hidden beauty. For Hul le Kes ReShared we have selected clothing at the Salvation Army warehouse. White items are unsaleable for the Salvation Army and so Hul le Kes provided these items with a new color. For the colors we have used waste from restaurants like onion peels and avocado seeds or vegetables and flowers from the Hul le Kes garden to dye it with.


Most Hul le Kes ReShared items are meant to be loose fitted. The size we have given the garment is an indication size. This garment measures 72 cm in length at the centre back and 57 cm 1/2 chest width.


This colors of this item will indeed fade after a while; when that happens you are able to dye it again yourself. For example: when an item is getting too pale you throw it in a pan with onion peels and your T-shirt becomes yellow again. We also offer a Hul le Kes Dyeing Service, so you can let us dye your garment over and over again.

Hul le Kes ReShared Top 11