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Monet bodywarmer - 280
Monet bodywarmer - 280
Monet bodywarmer - 280

Hul le Kes

Monet bodywarmer - 280

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This bodywarmer with snap buttons is a perfect in-between bodywarmer for spring and autumn or when working in the garden on a summer evening. The Monet bodywarmer comes in two different options. We have one available made from overstock wool fabric and one available made from vintage wool blankets.

All of these bodywarmers are unique as they are all up-cycled from what we can find at the recycling company.

This Monet bodywarmer is made from vintage wool blankets. None of them is the same. You are able to select one of the blankets we have on stock, or send us your personal blanket. All of these Monet bodywarmers are made to order, so specially made for you. The Monet bodywarmer come with our Hul le Kes passport, there you may write all you like to share with future generations who might be wearing your bodywarmer later on.

Main fabric is 100% up-cycled wool, or the quality of your personal blanket.
The jacket has a matching binding made from overstock fabric.

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece"

Claude Monet

This garment is named after the world famous, Paris born, impressionist Claude Monet (or Claude Oscar Monet) who lived from 1840 until 1926. He is known for his landscapes and garden views. He was a prolific practitioner of expressing one’s perceptions before nature and loved to paint outdoors. It is his impressionist touch and the garments he wears that are a great inspiration to us. Visiting Monet’s house and garden with his parents is one of Sebastiaan’s best childhood memories.

As Hul le Kes we do not want to focus on a particular gender. This is one piece only available in size 1. Therefore we work with our own size chart, with sizes from 1 up to 3 (or, when it is a one size fits all, with an A size). In this case you may order a size 1, 2, or 3 which match the following sizes:

Hul le Kes Size chart

  EU men EU women US men US women
A 46-54 36-46 One size One size
1 ± 46-48 ± 38 S-M M
2 ± 48-50 ± 40 M M-L
3 ± 52 ± 42 L L

*please note all items are 'boyfriend fit' in their size, closure and fit.

When sending us back this jacket and its original passport we will make it into a new garment to be used by someone else; circularity above all.

Wintervacht jas gemaakt van tweedehands kleden

Monet bodywarmer - 280