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Face mask / Mondkapje
Face mask / Mondkapje
Face mask / Mondkapje

Hul le Kes

Face mask / Mondkapje

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We have developed these Hul le Kes face mask to help everyone a bit during these harsh times. This face mask is washable and made out of a single layer of jersey.

This face mask is available in 1 size. 

On the first place this mask is made to prevent you from touching your nose and mouth, to prevent spreading the virus. When applying a double layer of paper towel in between the two layers of fabric it will prevent your coughing infecting others to a certain extant (see video below for more information). When changing this every 4 hours the mask should be able to help you. The little metal piece at the nose will make sure the face mask will fit you perfectly. Make sure you wash your face mask frequently.

All face masks are made in the Netherlands; piece by piece. We hope to help you to protect yourself and others, off course we can not ensure you anything. We can only help you to try to protect as much as we are able to within our limits.

These face masks do not have any official certificate but in a world where is a lack of face mask every bit will help. When you have an official face mask available we absolutely recommend to use that one instead of this. By offering these masks to you we hope the certificated masks will be(come) available for those who really need it like people working in hospitals.

Due to hygiene this product can not be returned. Due to our sustainable profile we do not keep stock on the face masks. All face masks are made to order.

Due to COVID-19 our there are less people at manufacturing studio, this can cause delays. Also the post-service can have delays because of the current situation. We kindly ask for your patience.

As per May 25 until September 1 there is no VAT charged on (non)Medical face masks by the Dutch government. Therefor the price has been changed from € 17,50 to € 14,50.

Face mask / Mondkapje