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ReShare Store x Hul le Kes pop-up shop Amsterdam

A new chance for garments by Hul le Kes and Dutch Salvation Army.

ReShare Store, the second hand and vintage clothing retail concept by the Dutch Salvation Army, and fashion designer Sjaak Hullekes join their forces for a better world. From October 22 until October 27 2019 ReShare Store and Hul le Kes will open a pop-up shop at the ‘9 straatjes’ in the city centre of Amsterdam. For this occasion Hul le Kes created a sustainable collection suitable for everyone's budget. 

Traces of use

Sjaak Hullekes has always been clear about his love for vintage and second hand products. In his personal wardrobe there is no garment untouched, you will find spots, stains, tears and wear on every item. The use of antique fabrics and material for the regular Hul le Kes collection represent the passion for transience. As a kid Sjaak wanted to become an antique dealer, and so he has been browsing all second-hand stores from an early age. Therefore the ReShare Store of the Salvation Army has been one of his favorite places.

To Hul le Kes wear and traces of use are what makes a garment unique and gives it an extra touch of character. The label is committed to show a different side of fashion to the consumer. Nowadays consumers got used to flawless T-shirts for just a few euros. Hul le Kes’ mission is to show the consumer the beauty of stains in clothes and the fading of colors is no poverty.

“I don’t believe in ‘the newest best thing’ and the relentless pace of the fashion industry. Every season a new trend of color is a lie the industry likes consumers to believe in”

says Sjaak Hullekes.

Because of that Hul le Kes created the ‘Hul le Kes ReShared’ collection, a collection made out of discarded clothing and dyed with waste of restaurants. Hul le Kes believes everything and everyone deserves a second, third or even fourth chance. To give these chances everyone should look beyond the surface to find the hidden beauty.

The Collections

Both ReShare Store and Hul le Kes are against the mass textile waste and are convinced sustainability should be the norm. Because of that Sjaak Hullekes and his team developed the Hul le Kes ReShared collection for ReShare Store. For this collection Hul le Kes selected. mainly white, clothing at the warehouse of the Salvation Army. White items are unsaleable for the Salvation Army and so Hul le Kes provided these items with a new color. The brand took waste from restaurants like onion peels and avocado seeds and vegetables and flowers from the Hul le Kes garden to dye the items and give it a new chance. By doing so a new collection has born with its own story and character. A collection of items to be dyed again by the consumer himself. Sjaak is easy about that: 

“If your T-shirt is getting too pale, you throw it in a pan with onion peels and your T-shirt becomes yellow again”.

Next to the collection of dyed garments Hul le Kes also selected items from the warehouse fitting the brand its identity. This collection goes by the name of ‘Hul le Kes Selected’ and contains womens-, mens- and childrenswear.

ReShare Store and Hul le Kes think these items should be affordable to everyone. As like the regular collections at ReShare Store also these items will be available for low prices. The collection at the pop-up shop in Amsterdam will change on a daily base during the week it is available.


ReShare Store x Hul le Kes pop-up shop

October 22 - 27, 2019

Huidenstraat 13, Amsterdam

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