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New wholesale collection

Today we captured our latest items and qualities on camera for our wholesale lookbook. Up until this moment Hul le Kes was only available via our own webshop and pop-up shops we have had at shops like Margriet Nannings (Amsterdam, NL), Margreeth Olsthoorn (Rotterdam, NL) or recently at Humanoid (Arnhem, NL). But more and more people from all over the world asked us where they could fit, feel and buy our garments. That is why we have started wholesale this year, the first shops have already bought their items which will be delivered soon. Are you a retailer or buyer and are you looking for new items to sell this spring? Then please continue your read and contact us for more information.

A new perspective to wholesale

Unlike many other fashion brands we can and will not produce an unlimited number of garments in the same fabric. As we are working with old stock, antiques, vintage and second hand materials all our garments are limited. That also means no shop in the world will have exactly the same Hul le Kes collection on sale, for that our quantities are just too low. And that is exactly what we love! The cool thing is that we can therewith also make special requests in colors (specially in types of dyes), which makes each selection even more unique.

Never on discount

We just do not believe in discounts and we prefer our retailers not to do so either. Why not? Because our clothes are already in a great price range for what you get. We believe that, as our garments are so unique, each item should eventually become more expensive throughout time instead. Just like art and antiques. Each garment is made with so much love, piece by piece, they are just worth their original price. We are not a fast fashion brand, and want to avoid that weird fashion system of exploitation at all costs.

For him, her, them

We design our garments not with a specific gender in mind, we design our items for everyone with a good character. A great character and nice personality is so much more important than your gender or sex; or at least that is how we see it. Therefore our collection is sold to both men and women, and will be available at both women and men stores/departments. In case you think your clients are shorter than average we can always talk about the sizing of the garments, maybe shorten the sleeves or hems for example. In that way we like our fashion to be available for as many body types as possible.

Always circular

Each Hul le Kes (design) garment will come with a passport and has its own number. That way we can always trace back the particular garment. Also it makes it possible for your clients to send back the garments to our studio whenever they are done with it. We will use mend, dye and reuse the full garment over and over again. The passport will continue the trip with the fabric/garment to new clients. Together we will make the fashion industry become circular and gain new values!

Made in Arnhem, the Netherlands

At Hul le Kes we are blessed with our own manufacturing studio. At this studio we do productions for other sustainable designer brands and for our Hul le Kes label. As we are able to make each garment ourselves it is possible to listen to our retailer’s wishes. Besides our manufacturing studio we also have our recovery studio. At the recovery studio we are mending and dying garments and fabrics for the use of our own designs. Both of our studio’s are set up to make a positive impact, not only on the environment but also on a social level. Because we believe a new fashion system should come with a more sustainable and holistic spirit.

More information

Would you like to receive more information on quantities, prices and more? Please contact us via e-mail (by clicking here). We will provide you with the information you have requested and put you on our wholesale mailing list.

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